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Gary Gygax Passes Away

Unfortunately, D&D co-creator and gaming luminary Gary Gygax has passed away.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family; my family and gaming group are saddened by his passing.

This may seem strange to some folks because I have certainly not been a fan of his later era work; I’m firmly of the belief that RPGs have evolved and though AD&D 1e was seminal, it isn’t something I want to play today.  I didn’t think much of his endless retreads of it as “Danjerous Journeys/Lejendary Adventures/Pjining for the Fjords” or even the other non-Gygax 1e nostalgia stuff (Kalamar, etc.) and have been outspoken about it.  For his part, he called me “fatuous and jejeuene” on his mailing list for my views.  (Yes, I had to look it up.)  But regardless of all that, he started D&D and carried the torch for RPGs, and the hobby wouldn’t be around, most likely, without him.  So props, Gary Gygax!  

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Sixth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

Finally, we completed the third chapter of the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, “The Hook Mountain Massacre.”  We put as many sessions into Hook Mountain as into the previous two chapters combined!

Twelfth Session – The Hook Mountain Massacre Part VI

The fun part about this is that Xanesha is becoming our main recurring supervillain, which is a deviation from the scenarios’ plots.  But she keeps escaping, getting tougher, and starting new evil plans. 

Our PCs are getting into the whole gig of running the Black Arrows – we all have Black Arrow tattoos now and have put a lot of work into making them a force to reckon with.  We got the local Hellknight to send us lots of recruits, got the Lord Mayor of Magnimar to send us an officer corps that wasn’t criminals, rebuilt and enhanced the keep, and have equipped our guys with the best captured equipment a sword can buy.  After frequent PC-led reconnaisance in force missions into the wilderness, they’re a tough bunch!

Warhammer RPG Lives Again (?)

So very recently I talked about the news that Games Workshop had closed down their Black Industries RPG bramch, which had been working with Green Ronin to publish great new Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay books and the long-awaited Dark Heresy RPG based on Warhammer 40,000.

With barely a pause, Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they now have the Warhammer licenses for board games, card games, and RPGs!

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Fifth Runelords “Hook Mountain” Session Summary Posted

As we continue through the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path, our intrepid group has gotten most of the way through the third installment (of six).  Thrill to our experiences in Hook Mountain, which was full of ogres and featured a stone giant necromancer!

The Hook Mountain Massacre Part V

Alas, we met with tragedy – one of our heroes will never rise again.  Hulmar Benk, Lord of Fort Rannek, was cruelly felled before his time by an ogre’s hook.  A moment of silence, if you will.

Gen Con in Trouble?

In quite a bit of drama, Lucasfilms is suing Gen Con LLC for not paying them the money due them from the auction  at the Star Wars Celebration show in 2007.   Shortly after that, Gen Con filed for bankruptcy.  Gen Con CEO Peter Adkison claims that this won’t impact Gen Con Indy at all.  I hear that besides Lucasfilms, they owe large sums to other folks including the Indiana Department of Revenue.

My thoughts.  One, it seems fast for the lawsuit.  The con was in May 2007 and the suit was filed by January, which is unusual.  Also, it seems unlikely this won’t affect Gen Con Indy – the cost reduction pressure will be immense.  Chapter 11’s not a ‘get out of jail free’ card like Adkison seems to think it is.  I have been to a couple Gen Cons, and though I haven’t been in a while I was contemplating going this time for the 4e launch since I was at the 3e launch long ago.  Should I?  Should I bail?  Anyone out there with an opinion? 

RPG Superstar Selected!

Congratulations to Christine Scheider of Neu-Isenburg, Hessen, Germany for emerging victorious in Paizo Publishing’s RPG Superstar contest!  It’s well deserved, her entries were all bad ass!  Check ’em:

As the winner, she’ll get a GameMastery Module published by Paizo.  I’m eager to see it!  In fact, they’re already listing it as a product – S1: Clash of the Kingslayers.

RPG Fun in Austin, TX

In or around Austin and want to know where to go and who to meet?  Here’s a quick cheat sheet for you.

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